Bordered by the Arctic Ocean to the north, the Atlantic Ocean to the west and the Mediterranean Sea to the south, Europe holds fascinating treasures in every direction. Soak up centuries of history in the Scottish Highlands. Prepare for geothermal adventures in Iceland. Be immersed in Greek culture in Athens and Crete. Discover the scenic splendor of Switzerland. Stop dreaming, and start planning your European adventure today.  

Athens, Greece

Mythical legends, ancient temples, picturesque vistas and Mediterranean cuisine make Athens a captivating destination. Explore Athens Vacation Packages

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Amsterdam, the capital city of the Netherlands, is a unique and charming metropolis with a picturesque canal network, narrow row houses, world-class museums and a youthful atmosphere. Explore Amsterdam Vacation Packages

Brussels, Belgium

From its elegance and beauty to its history and architecture, Belgium is the ideal destination for the culture-driven traveler.  Explore Brussels Vacation Packages

Copenhagen, Denmark

Denmark’s cool, cosmopolitan capital features bold architecture, diverse cuisine and fascinating culture. Explore Copenhagen Vacation Packages

Crete, Greece

Quiet coves, ancient treasures, invigorating villages and spirited culture make up the magical radiance of Crete. Explore Crete Vacation Packages

Dublin/Shannon, Ireland

Dublin will delight and enfold you in its music, art and literature, while the Shannon region will captivate you with its rugged Atlantic coastline, picturesque towns and rural charm. Explore Dublin/Shannon Vacation Packages

Edinburgh/Glasgow, Scotland

From Edinburgh’s gorgeous landscape to Glasgow’s vibrant atmosphere, Scotland’s two key cities are filled with old-world romance and new-world charm. Explore Edinburgh/Glasgow Vacation Packages

Geneva/Zurich, Switzerland

From majestic snow-capped mountains and quaint villages to picturesque alpine lakes — Switzerland’s two largest cities are considered the most serene in Europe. Explore Geneva/Zurich Vacation Packages

Lisbon, Portugal

This small capital city captivates with its ease of getting around and its great sights, traditions and culture. Explore Lisbon Vacation Packages

Prague, Czech Republic

Dubbed “the city of a thousand spires,” Prague boasts historic churches and cobblestone lanes that overlook a fairytale castle. Explore Prague Vacation Packages

Reykjavik, Iceland

The great outdoors takes center stage in this unique city of colorful houses, interesting attractions and intriguing landmarks. Explore Reykjavik Vacation Packages

Stockholm, Sweden

Modernity and tranquility unite in thriving Stockholm, a capital with a focus on culture, nature and sustainable growth. Explore Stockholm Vacation Packages

Vienna/Salzburg, Austria

From Mozart and horse-drawn carriages to countless museums and Baroque palaces, Vienna and Salzburg are a beguiling mixture of old and new.  Explore Vienna/Salzburg Vacation Packages