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The sample pricing shown below is per person, double occupancy, for three nights. Check out our current promotion to see how you can save even more.

Pricing Terms and Conditions

  • Price is valid for a Delta Vacations flight and hotel package from the Delta Vacations origin airport specified to the Delta Vacations airport destination specified.
  • Advertised package prices are based on real-time itinerary pricing available at Prices are subject to availability, and may change at any time prior to completion of booking.
  • Prices are per person, in U.S. dollars or miles equivalent, subject to availability, and are not guaranteed until paid in full. Prices are based on hotel or resort double occupancy, except as otherwise expressly noted.
  • Travel packages may reflect a variety of included amenities. Please check the individual hotel listing to confirm whether the hotel offering in the package offers European Plan, breakfast included, all-inclusive or other amenity and meal offerings.
  • For purposes of pricing, airfare is Main Cabin and hotel is the base (deluxe or better) room category available at the time of pricing.
  • Prices and amenities may vary by hotel room category or travel date.
  • Additional charges may apply for applicable hotel/resort fees or departure taxes collected by hotel/resort/airport at destination.
  • Delta Vacations flight reservations may be made up to 331 days in advance of flight departure.
  • Delta Vacations must issue all airline tickets.
  • Packages are nonrefundable, and change fees apply. Standard Terms and Conditions apply, and are outlined during the booking process; other restrictions may apply.
  • 「Delta Vacations」擁有這些規定的最終解釋權,並保留在不另行通知的情況下變更規則與條款的權利。
  • 所有「飛凡哩程常客計劃」的規則適用。 欲查閱這些規則,請瀏覽。「Delta Vacations」機票根據訂位艙等和已飛行距離可累積尊爵資格美元消費(MQD-僅限美國境內會員)。 優惠哩數不會計入尊爵會或飛凡百萬哩程會員的會員資格。 法律禁止的地方本活動視為無效。 優惠隨時會變更,恕不另行通知。 其他限制可能適用。
  • Redemption of miles toward qualifying packages is subject to all mileage redemption terms and conditions:
  • 部分行程可能搭乘達美聯營航空: Endeavor Air航空、Republic航空與SkyWest航空,以及達美快線(Delta Shuttle)承載者: Republic航空、天合聯盟合作夥伴: 歐洲航空、法國航空、Airlinair航空、Air One航空、Air One City Liner航空、不列特航空、中華航空、中國東方航空、中國南方航空、CSA捷克航空、ITA義大利航空、荷蘭皇家航空和大韓航空;或達美航空聯營航班合作夥伴: CAI Second航空、以法國航空營運的Brit Air航空、以法國航空營運的City Jet航空、夏威夷航空、以地平線航空營運的Horizon Air Industries航空、荷蘭皇家航空CityHopper、LATAM Airlines、奧林匹克航空、Privilege Style航空、以法國航空營運的Regional CAE航空、上海航空、SwiftAir航空、維珍國際航空公司、維珍澳洲國際航空公司、以維珍澳洲航空營運的Virgin Australia Limited NZ航空、VLM航空和WestJet航空。
  • 行李費用: For travel within the United States (including Puerto Rico), $30 USD fee for first checked bag and $40 USD fee for second checked bag. For travel between the United States and the U.S. Virgin Islands, Central America, Caribbean, Guyana and Bermuda, $30 USD fee for first checked bag and $40 USD fee for second checked bag. For travel between the United States and Mexico, $30 USD fee for first checked bag and $55 USD fee for second checked bag. 往返於美國、薩爾瓦多與厄瓜多之間的旅行,第二件託運行李收費$40 USD。 For travel between the United States and Panama, $30 USD fee for first checked bag (Basic Economy only) and $40 USD fee for second checked bag. 針對往返美國與南美洲之間的旅行(除蓋亞那與厄瓜多之外),託運行李免收費用。 For travel between United States and Europe, $100 USD fee for second checked bag. 適用於往返美國和亞洲或澳洲之間的行程,第一或第二件託運行李為免費。 行李須符合尺寸/重量限制。 詳情請洽達美地勤人員或參閱「超標行李」。
  • 票價、費用、規則及優惠可能隨時變更,恕不另行通知。 其他限制可能適用。
  • The information published here and on other Delta Vacations pages related to COVID test providers is intended to help our customers in the planning and preparation for their travel plans. 這裡的新冠病毒檢測資訊可視為檢測供應商或政府機關提供之檢測資訊的補充資料。 請勿針對計劃個人旅行以外之目的複製、重新發布這些資訊,或用於其他目的。
    Given the rapidly evolving nature of the response to the COVID-19 outbreak and government restrictions, Delta Vacations cannot guarantee accuracy of and accept no liability for any errors or omissions contained on those pages, including accuracy of translations, outdated information or testing location address and hours, appointment availability, test type offered, or timing for receiving test results. 行前的新冠病毒檢測服務可能不是所有地區皆有提供。第三方資料來源與網站的連結僅供參考。
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