承運合約: 美國國內航班

Last Modified 2018年11月05日

RULE 1: General Provisions

When you buy a ticket from or travel on Delta, you enter into a contract with us, and you agree to be bound by its terms. 合約的條款在下列文件中陳述:

  • your Ticket;
  • 這些承載條件;以及
  • our published fare rules and regulations, which may govern the calculation of the fare and other
  • charges that apply to your itinerary

This document is Delta's Domestic Conditions of Carriage. It applies only to travel entirely within the United States of America and states the terms upon which Delta offers to transport passengers.

於此合約中提及的任何「達美」係指達美航空公司、達美快線(Delta Shuttle)以及達美聯營航空。 Some flights marketed by Delta may be operated by the other carriers. If any Carrier other than Delta is operating a flight, we will identify that Carrier in our schedules and in written or oral communications with you during the booking process. The terms of transportation applicable to Delta specified in these Conditions of Carriage apply to flights operated by the Delta Connection and Delta Shuttle carriers, and to codeshare flights marketed by Delta.

達美航空可代表與其有聯航協議之承載者開立機票、託運行李以及預約訂位。 由其他承載者營運的聯營航班須遵守營運承載者的承載條件。 其他承載者之航班可能適用不同的承載規則與條款,請直接向承載者詢問並了解這些條件。

B. 承載條件附錄

達美航空可在符合法律規定的範圍內隨時修改這些承載條件。 您的旅行將受到購買機票當日有效的承載條款的限制,若基於營運理由的合理需要,以及條款變更不會對您造成嚴重的不良影響,達美航空保留實施目前在您旅行當日有效的承載條款的權利。 除非由達美航空企業主管以書面授權,否則任何達美航空員工或票務人員皆無權修改承載條件之任何規定。


Delta will exercise reasonable efforts to transport you and your baggage from your origin to your destination with reasonable dispatch, but published schedules, flight times, aircraft types, seat assignments, and similar details reflected in the ticket or Delta’s published schedules are not guaranteed and form no part of this contract. 達美航空得隨時替換承載者或航機、變更時刻、延期或取消航班、變更座位安排,和更動機票上所載的中途停留站或不停留。 Delta’s sole liability in the event of such changes is set forth in Rule 22, Go to footer note. 只要達美航空將旅客從機票上註明之出發地運送至目的地,達美航空不針對轉接航班、無法準時營運之航班、變更時刻或任何航班、變更座位分配或航機型號,或修改航線負責。

規則3: 定義

Animals, in addition to the usual connotation, include reptiles, birds, and fish.

Applicable Full Fare means the one-way fares, whether specifically published or derived by construction, for the class of service designated in the Carrier's official general schedule for the aircraft, or cabin of the aircraft used by the passenger.

Carrier means any air carrier shown as a participant in this tariff.

- Two or more relatively adjacent airports which for the purpose of these fares will be considered the same point.

Days - Full calendar days, including weekend days and legal holidays (but not including the date that any notice is sent).

Dependent – The spouse and children of U.S. Military Personnel or U.S. embassy personnel stationed overseas who are dependent upon such personnel for financial support.

Dot Hazardous Materials Regulations means the hazardous materials regulations issued by the Materials Transportation Bureau of the Department of Transportation in Title 49 of the Code of Federal Regulations, Parts 171 through 177 (49 CFR 171-177).

Fare Component - The fare paid for the portion of the itinerary between the origin and destination/Stopover point.

Government Transport Request (GTR) - Form used for ticket payment and travel authorization for passengers traveling on official business for the federal government by the U.S.

Group means the minimum number of passengers specified in conjunction with the fare as provided for in the applicable fare rules. Less than the minimum number of passengers may not travel at group fares, even upon payment of the minimum number of fares, unless specifically permitted in a given fare rule.

Immediate Family means spouse, domestic partner, children, step-children, grandchildren, parents, step-parents, grandparents, brothers, step-brothers, sisters, step-sisters, daughters-in-law, sons-inlaw, fathers-in-law, mothers-in-law, aunts, uncles, nieces, nephews, brother-in-law and sisters-inlaw.

Interlining means utilizing the services of more than one Carrier in connection with a particular fare.

Military Agencies means departments of the Army, Navy and Air Force; the Marine Corps; the Coast Guard; the respective academies of the Army, Navy, Air Force and Coast Guard; and the National Guard. 不包含儲備軍官訓練團。

Military Passenger means military personnel of the U.S. Military Agencies who are on active duty status or who have been discharged from active military service within seven Days of the date of travel.

Person with a Disability means any person who has a physical or mental impairment that, on a permanent or temporary basis, substantially limits one or more major life activities, has a record of  such an impairment, or is regarded as having such an impairment. This term shall be further defined as required by applicable law, including 14 C.F.R. 382.3.

Personal Attendant means the travel companion of a Person with a Disability that is attending to the personal needs of the passenger with a disability.

Qualifying Alternative Transportation means comparable air transportation, or other transportation used by the passenger, at no extra cost to the passenger, that at the time such arrangements are made is scheduled to arrive at the passenger’s next Stopover, or, if none, final destination within two hours after the planned arrival time of the passenger’s original flight or flights.

means to issue a new ticket, or honor an existing ticket, covering transportation to the original destination, but via a different routing than that designated on the ticket.

Round Trip means any trip, the ultimate destination of which is the point of origin, and which is legal routing and comprised of an outbound and return segment. Reservations for all segments of a trip for tickets issued at round-trip fares must be confirmed in the same (a single) passenger name record (PNR)

means the Carrier(s) and/or the cities and/or class of service and/or type of aircraft (jet or propeller) via which transportation is provided between two points.

Safety Assistant
means a person required by Delta to travel with a Person with a Disability, pursuant to Rule 6(C): 為滿足身心障礙人士的機上醫療需求;為協助身心障礙人士與機組人員溝通;或為協助身心障礙人士在緊急情況下撤離航機。

means that a person does not require services related to a disability beyond that normally provided by the Carrier or beyond that which applicable law requires the Carrier to provide.

Standby Passenger
- Passenger who will be enplaned on a flight subject to the availability of space at departure time and only after all passengers having reservations for such flight, have been enplaned on such flight. 並非所有航班皆可提供候補。 All specific standby rules are governed by Rule 15.

means a deliberate interruption of a journey by the passenger, agreed to in advance by the Carrier, at a point between the place of departure and the place of destination. Unless otherwise noted, a stopover will occur when a passenger arrives at a point and fails to depart from such point on:

a) The first flight on which space is available, or
b) The flight that will provide for the passenger's earliest arrival at an intermediate or junction point(s) or destination point, via the Carrier and class of service as shown on the passenger's ticket, provided however, that in no event will a stopover occur when the passenger departs from the intermediate/junction point on a flight shown in the Carrier's official general schedule as departing within four hours after arrival at such point.


U.S. Armed Forces/U.S. Military Agencies
- Department of the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marine Corps, and Coast Guard of the United States of America, the respective academies of the Army, Navy, Air Force, and Coast Guard, and does not include the National Guard Bureau or the Reserve Officer Training Corps, or members of the reserves not holding a valid duty armed forces of the United States green identification card.

U.S. Military Personnel - Unless otherwise indicated, refers only to active duty military personnel, and means Military personnel of the United States Military Agencies holding a valid active duty U.S. Armed Forces green identification card, on active duty status and traveling on authorized furlough, leave, or pass, but expressly excluding Military Personnel on temporary duty orders traveling to or from their temporary duty station.


旅客了解基於預訂機位、獲得輔助服務、遵守海關與入境要求目的,已向承載者提供個人資訊,且政府單位可取得該資訊。 基於此等目的,旅客授權承載者儲存該資訊,並將資訊傳送給其內部人員、其他承載者或服務供應商,不論他們所在的國家位置。 All passenger information shall be handled in accordance with Delta’s Privacy Policy (https://www.delta.com/content/www/en_US/privacy-and-security.html).


當同一都會區有超過一個機場,且旅客轉機時,要求於不同機場抵達與起飛時,旅客須自行安排兩個機場之間的交通,並支付交通費用。 Baggage must be claimed and rechecked by the passenger.


A) 受理載運


B) 受理自主活動聲明

Unless Delta determines a Safety Assistant is essential for safety, pursuant to Rule 6(C), Delta will accept the determination made by or on behalf of a Person with a Disability as to self-reliance. 一旦知悉個人得以「自主活動」,達美航空不得以沒有個人照護人員陪伴或假設該旅客需要航空公司職員額外照護以滿足旅客需求為由,拒絕載運該名旅客。

C) 特定乘客必須有安全服務人員陪同


1) 乘客由於精神障礙而無法理解安全相關指令或作出適當回應;
2) A passenger is unable to physically assist in the passenger’s own evacuation from the aircraftdue to a severe mobility impairment; or
3) A passenger is unable to establish a means of communication with Delta personnel sufficient toreceive the safety briefing due to having both severe hearing and vision impairments.

D) 醫療證明

除非法律允許,否則達美航空不會以要求身心障礙人士提出醫療證明作為旅行條件。 如達美航空在合理認為該旅客無法在沒有額外醫療協助的情況下安全地完成飛行,則達美航空有權要求旅客出示醫療證明。

E) 座位限制與分配

當個人表明其身心障礙症狀時,達美航空將在可能的範圍內提供符合旅客需求的座位分配,包含安排該名旅客與同行的安全服務人員或個人照護人員坐在一起。 除非受法律要求,否則身心障礙人士將不會被禁止坐在逃生出口旁的座位。

F) 受理輔具

 In addition to the regular baggage allowance, Delta will accept, without charge, as priority checked  baggage, mobility aids, including but not limited to:

1) 電動輪椅、電動代步車或者手動操作的固定框架輪椅;
2) 手動、折疊輪椅:
3) 助行器、手杖、拐杖、支撐架;
4) 任何可協助用戶溝通的裝置;以及
5) 任何義肢或醫療裝置。

在有足夠空間的情況下,達美航空將會於飛行途中免費提供旅客存放其手動、折疊輪椅以及其他小型行動輔具於客艙內。 達美航空將免費提供組裝與拆卸行動載具的服務。 輪椅與行動輔具將會是最後放進航機的物品,並且會是第一個被取出的物品。

G) 使用手動輪椅


1) 直到乘客抵達登機門為止;
2) 在乘客往返於航廈和航機機門之間;以及
3) 在乘客往返於航廈和航機之間。

H) 服務動物

達美航空免費為身心障礙人士提供所需協助服務性動物的載運。 若情況允許,達美航空將會安排足夠空間的座位,給該名旅客以及服務性動物。 達美航空允許服務動物陪同該名旅客登機,並待在旅客座位的地板上。 恕不允許服務動物佔據旅客座位。 在法律允許或要求的範圍內,達美航空得自行決定在為了旅客或機組人員舒適與安全著想,或為避免達美航空資產或其旅客或員工受傷害的情況下,合理拒絕載運任何服務動物之權利。

I) 身心障礙人士服務


1) 在報到櫃台協助辦理報到手續;
2) 協助前往登機區域;
3) 協助登機與下機;
4) 協助放置與拿取手提行李、隨身行李以及領取託運行李;
5) 協助往返機上廁所;
6) 協助前往公共區域,或在部分情況下,協助前往其他航空公司的客服代表;
7) 協助往返乘客自己的行動輔助裝置與達美航空提供的行動輔助裝置;
8) 協助往返行動輔助裝置與乘客的座位;
9) 有限的餐飲協助,例如打開食物包裝、告知內容物以及將大型食物切成小塊;
10) 於飛行期間定期詢問乘客是否有任何需求;以及
11) 向身心障礙乘客與其同行旅客簡報緊急應變程序以及客艙內部平面圖。

J) 特殊服務事先通知

在法律允許的範圍內,達美航空得以要求身心障礙人士針對所需要的特殊服務提出事先通知。 適用於此規定的服務包含,但不限於:

1) transportation of an electric wheelchair on an aircraft of less than 60;
2) 提供電池或其他輔助設備的危險物品包裝;
3) 服務10或以上人數的身心障礙團體乘客;
4) 在超過60個座位的航機上提供機上輪椅;
5) transportation of an emotional support or psychiatric service Animal in the cabin;
6) 協助於預計飛行8小時以上的航段中運輸服務性動物;或
7) 服務有重度視力和聽力障礙的乘客。

旅客須於訂位時盡早提出相關要求。 若乘客於出發前至少48小時前提出特殊服務的需求,達美航空將盡一切可能滿足乘客的需求。 若乘客在出發前48小時內才提出特殊服務的需求,達美航空將盡力提供乘客需要的服務。

K) 登機與下機


L) 資訊溝通與確認


M) 定時詢問



Delta may refuse to transport any passenger, and may remove any passenger from its aircraft at any time, for any of the following reasons:

A) 政府要求或不可抗力

B) 搜查旅客或物品


C) 身分證明

D) Failure to Comply with Delta’s Rules or Contract of Carriage


E) Passenger’s Conduct or Condition

除非是法律允許或規定的情況,否則根據14C.F.R. §382.5與382.31的規定,達美航空不會因乘客的身心障礙情況而拒絕提供運輸服務。 Delta will not refuse to provide transportation based upon race, color, national origin, religion, sex, or ancestry. 視限制而定,達美航空得以自行決定為了旅客或機組人員舒適與安全著想,或為避免達美航空資產或其旅客或員工受傷害,合理拒絕載運任何旅客或請任何旅客離開航機。 舉例來說,達美航空得以於下列情況下(但不限於下列情況)拒絕載運或請旅客離開航機:

1) 如果乘客的行為失序、惡言相向或有暴力行為,或乘客疑似呈現酒醉或吸毒的狀態;
2) 如果乘客赤腳出現;
3) 如果乘客干擾機組人員的作業,或不肯服從機組人員的指示;
4) 如果乘客患有傳染病,並且可能在一般飛行情況下傳染給其他乘客;
5) 如果乘客無法坐在座位上並繫上安全帶;
6) 如果乘客的行為帶有危險性,或是對其本身、機組人員或其他乘客和/或公共財產或其他乘客的財產造成傷害風險;
7) 如果乘客患有重病,則必須提供醫生的書面適航同意書才能飛行;或
8) 如果乘客的行為舉止、穿著打扮、衛生情況或體味極可能冒犯或影響其他的乘客。

G) 旅客資源

旅客不得進行任何讓達美航空得以依此規定拒絕載運之行為。 The sole recourse of any passenger refused carriage or removed for any reason specified in this Rule shall be recovery of the refund value of the unused portion of his or her ticket as provided in Rule 22.


A) Accompanied Children

(1) 一般規則

除了這個規則的規定之外,年齡為15歲以下的兒童必須在家長、監護人或其他至少年滿18歲的乘客陪同下,搭乘同一個航班的同一個艙等,否則我們將無法接受該兒童乘客登機。 達美航空得以於辦理報到手續時要求查看可證明該兒童年齡的相關文件。 有效護照、出生證明或其他政府核發之身分證件皆可。

(2) 2歲以下的隨行兒童。

2歲以下且不佔座位的孩童可以和支付成人票價且年滿18歲的乘客或其家長/監護人同行,無須支付額外費用。 其他嬰兒以及佔位嬰兒必須支付適用的成人票價。 每位成人最多可攜帶2位嬰兒同行。 達美航空建議所有佔位兒童使用兒童安全座椅。 Infants who will reach their second birthday during a journey must occupy a seat and pay the applicable adult fare for the entire journey.

(3) 年滿2歲以上的隨行兒童


B) Unaccompanied Children Under the age of 15.


(1) 5歲以下的孩童


(2) 介於5到14歲的孩童

5到7歲單獨旅行之孩童僅能搭乘直飛不中停的航班,且不得轉搭其他航空的航班。 8到14歲的孩童可獨自搭乘達美直飛不中停航班或轉機航班,但是除了達美聯營航空、荷蘭皇家航空和法國航空以外,不得轉搭其他航空的航班。

C) Unaccompanied Minor Service

(1) 當「單獨旅行之未成年人服務」為必要服務時


(2) 單獨旅行之未成年人服務之定義

Unaccompanied Minor Service means that Delta will provide supervision for the child from the time of boarding until the child is met at the stop over point or destination. Delta will assume no financial or guardianship responsibilities for unaccompanied children beyondthose applicable to an adult passenger. 達美航空有權但沒有必要驗證於轉機點或最終目的地接機人士的身分。 單獨旅行之未成年人必須確認其目的地,且不得搭乘晚間的最後一班轉機航班(僅有一班轉機航班且該航班為當日最後一班航班的地區,或往返阿拉斯加或夏威夷的航班例外),單獨旅行之未成年人亦不得搭乘不是前往該孩童之目的地的航班。 若可能因天氣、異常營運或其他原因造成航班變更,達美航空得以暫停單獨旅行之未成年人之旅行和/或為該名孩童重新預訂替代航班。 達美航空要求家長或負責該孩童安全的成年人陪同孩童直到登機,且該名成年人必須提供將於轉機點或目的地接機人員的姓名、電話號碼以及地址。 達美航空保留拒絕非事先指定人士接走孩童的權利。 達美航空代表不得為單獨旅行的孩童提供藥品。 An unaccompanied minor may not travel on any domestic flight greater than 2 hours in length which departs between 9 PM and 5 AM (“red-eye flight”). 此限制不適用於往返夏威夷和阿拉斯加的紅眼班機,然而,搭乘從夏威夷或阿拉斯加起飛紅眼班機的單獨旅行之未成年人,不可轉搭國內紅眼班機或當日的最後一班航班,除非該航班為當日唯一航班。

D) Unaccompanied Children Ages 15-17

Although not required, a parent or guardian may request Unaccompanied Minor Service for unaccompanied minors ages 15-17. 須支付相關的單獨旅行之未成年人服務費用。

E) Unaccompanied Minor Service Charge

除了適用票價之外,需要單獨旅行之未成年人服務的單獨旅行之未成年人,必須支付下列所訂定之單獨旅行之未成年人服務費。 達美航空有權拒絕載運申請單獨旅行之未成年人服務但未支付單獨旅行之未成年人服務費的單獨旅行之未成年人。 如果有2位以上的單獨旅行之未成年人是同一個直系親屬的家庭成員,而且是在一起開票且結伴同行的情況,則只需要支付一筆服務費用即可。

The unaccompanied minor service charge will be specified at: https://www.delta.com/content/www/en_US/traveling-with-us/special-travelneeds/children.html and is incorporated by reference.


達美航空免費受理載運受過訓練的犬隻: (1) 以便引導視障人士,前提是該犬隻陪同的視障乘客需要依賴此類服務犬;(2) 協助聽障人士,前提是該犬隻陪同的聽障乘客需要依賴此類服務犬;(3) 協助需要依賴此類服務犬的身心障礙乘客,或 (4) 提供爆裂物偵測或搜救行動服務,前提是該犬隻必須有美國軍方與美國政府負責人員陪同。 針對上述(1)與(2)的兩種情況,如果服務犬有訓犬師陪同,且旅行目的是為了前往飼主住家以完成訓練,達美航空也會接受此類犬隻登機。 在任何情況下,服務犬將可獲准陪伴旅客登機,但不得佔位。

規則10: 禁菸服務


規則11: 旅客醫療用氧氣

僅允許於達美航空或達美聯營航空營運的航班上,使用由FAA核准的可攜式氧氣製造機(POCs)。 必須於48小時前提出通知。 Please see https://www.delta.com/content/www/en_US/traveling-with-us/special-travel-needs/disabilities.html to obtain information regarding the required medical certificate from a licensed physician and medical screening prior to flight. 達美航空將免費提供旅客醫療安檢服務。 若旅客在醫療安檢完成之後針對其行程進行自願性的變更,則可能必須重新通過安檢。 於達美航空航班上使用POCs的旅客,不得坐在緊急出口或機艙隔間板後的座位。


A) You must present a valid ticket for transportation, which entitles you to transportation only

between points of origin and destination via the ticketed routing.

B) 機票不可轉讓。 購買機票的人士與旅客,必須負責確保機票上所顯示之旅客姓名正確。 若機票所顯示之姓名與旅客姓名不符,則機票無效。

C) 僅在符合所有銷售規則與條款之情況下,機票才有效。

D) Where a ticket is invalidated as the result of the passenger's non-compliance with any term or condition of sale, Delta may:

A) Cancel any remaining portion of the passenger's itinerary or bookings,

B) Confiscate any unused portion of the ticket,

C) Refuse to board the passenger or check the passenger's baggage, and/or

D) Assess the passenger for the reasonable remaining value of the ticket, which shall be no less than the difference between the fare actually paid and the lowest fare applicable to the passenger's actual itinerary.

E) Ticket Expiration

機票自開票日起一年內有效,且所有行程必須在有效期限內完成。 若已更換,則無論旅行是否已開始,該機票必須重新開票,且所有旅程在原始開票日期1年內完成。 然而,特定票價可能有不同的有效期限,在此情況下,請以該票價所適用的特定規則為準。 若旅客在一年有效期到期前,因沒有座位或航班取消而無法使用機票或部分機票,則該機票將持續有效至可提供座位為止。

F) An electronic ticket (E-Ticket/ET) is the record of agreement maintained and processed within the Carrier’s electronic reservation system. A written receipt is provided to the purchaser of the electronic ticket which contains a reference for retrieving the record within the Carrier’s reservation system and summary of the ticket information. The Carrier may mandate the issuance of an electronic ticket (ET) regardless of market, Carrier, form of payment, and customer type (including SkyMiles and participating Carrier frequent flyer members).

G) External Reissue Charge

Delta will collect a nonrefundable fee of USD $50.00 for reissue by Delta of tickets originally issued in the United States or Canada by any ticketing source other than Delta, however, the charge does not apply to same day confirmed transactions, IROP or schedule change situations, SkyMiles upgrade reissues, tickets reissued on delta.com, or tickets issued at military or government fares. 此費用適用於所有由旅客提出之已發行機票的變更要求。

H) Capacity Limitations

達美航空將限制任一航班之任一訂位艙等或客艙旅客人數,而該票價和訂位艙等不一定適用於所有航班或所有地點。 達美航空於特定航班所提供的座位數量,是根據達美航空對每一航班預計總載客量之最佳判斷而定。



除非有適用票價規則規定更早的開票截止期限,或達美航空與乘客達成其他的協議,否則達美航空必須在航班預定出發時間至少30分鐘前收到票款並提供預訂機位的機票。 未能配合開票期限或適用票價規則,或與旅客之間其他協議的較早開票期限,則會導致訂位取消,而不另行通知。 A list of airports imposing an earlier ticketing deadline is set forth at delta.com and incorporated herein by reference.


A) Delta Will Cancel reservations of any passenger whenever such action is necessary to comply with any governmental regulation, or to comply with any governmental request for emergency transportation in connection with the national defense, or whenever such action is necessary or advisable by reason of weather or other conditions beyond its control.

B) The Transportation Security Agency’s (TSA) Secure Flight Program requires that Delta collect the following additional information from passengers when making a reservation to fly within, into or out of the United States and reservations for point-to-point international flights operated by U.S.- based airlines:

1) 全名(必填),須與政府發行、適用旅行之身分證明上所顯示的相同
2) 出生日期(必填)
3) 性別(必填)
4) 申訴號碼(選填)

Delta may cancel your reservation if the reservation does not include the required Secure Flight Passenger Data (full name, date of birth and gender) at least 72 hours prior to your scheduled departure. This cancellation policy applies to all Delta tickets, including tickets for our codeshare partners’ flights.

C) Failure To Appear

D) Airport Check-In Time Limits

1) 若超過辦理報到手續和登機的截止時間,預訂機位將被取消

Your reservation may be cancelled if you do not comply with all applicable check-in procedures by the check-in deadline for your flight, or if you not at the gate and ready for boarding by the applicable boarding deadline. 旅行當天的辦理報到手續和登機截止時間將會公佈在delta.com。

2) 乘客有責任預留充裕時間

您必須提前抵達機場,並有充足的時間辦理報到手續、通過安檢以及辦理所有政府規定的離境手續,並於登機截止時間之前抵達登機門。 達美航空不會為了沒有準時抵達登機門準備好登機的旅客延遲起飛航班,且對於旅客無法遵守此一規定而造成的任何損失或花費將不付任何責任。


Tickets may not be used for voluntary standby travel on any flight other than the ticketed flight unless expressly permitted by the fare rules of the ticket. When voluntary standby travel on another flight is permitted, the following provisions apply:

1) Voluntary standby travel is subject to the availability of seats at departure time in the same cabin as originally ticketed and does not guarantee transportation on the requested flight(s) including the origin, downline, or connecting flights. Request for voluntary standby travel may be made up to 24 hours prior to original ticketed departure time. Notwithstanding anything set forth herein, Same Day Paid Standby travel is not permitted for Basic Economy fares.

2) Voluntary standby travel is limited to passengers with a confirmed ticketed reservation for a later flight on the same day of travel. Delta will not permit changes to the origin, destination, or co-terminals, or to the routing for fares that are flight-specific or require specific routing.

3) Delta reserves the right to charge a nonrefundable same day standby fee when a passenger requests to standby for an alternate flight for which the passenger does not hold a confirmed reservation. The fee, if any, may be assessed based on each Segment from the passenger’s origin to destination or next point of stop over. These fees will be charged if the passenger flies any portion of the Segment, therefore, passengers that are removed at intermediate points on through flights and/or voluntarily deplaned at a destination other than the destination for which the fee was intended will not be eligible for a partial or whole refund. Refer to delta.com for current standby fees.

4) Delta is not liable to pay compensation, including but not limited to, denied boarding compensation and amenities, for a failure to provide transportation and/or accommodate the passenger’s request for voluntary standby travel.

5) Delta reserves the right to discontinue accepting and placing passengers on the airport standby list.

6) Eligibility for same day standby is at Delta’s discretion and may be restricted based on operational considerations or limited to selected flights, specified booking classes, payment by credit card only. Eligibility may also be restricted by the fare rules governing the passenger’s ticket.

7) Delta may choose to accommodate passengers from the airport standby list in any specified order and may take into account ticket value, frequent flyer status, check-in time, and other factors.

8) Delta reserves the right to limit the number of passengers on the airport standby list, only accept the passenger’s standby request at an airport location, and limit the minimum and maximum time frames that airport standby listing is allowed.

規則16: FARES

A) 票價僅適用於開票的行程

票價僅適用於介於所公布地點之間的旅行 不得以比旅行距離更加遙遠之距離和/或公開發售票價來開票,即使可能可以用較低的票價開票。

B) 錯誤票價

達美航空將竭盡所能確保所有公開發售票價的準確性以及可銷售性,但政策規定,達美航空並不會也不會試圖提供零元的機票票價,如有發生此一情況,即為錯誤,或可合理解釋為錯誤。 如果無意公布出售錯誤的票價,並且在修正之前以錯誤票價開票,達美航空保留取消已購買之機票並退還購票者所支付所有金額的權利,或者根據購票者的選擇可重新開票正確票價的機票。

C) 規避公開發售票價

達美航空嚴禁旅客進行試圖規避達美航空提供給您實際行程之公開發售票價的開票程序。 These practices include:

1) 背對背開票:購買或使用兩張以上以來回票價購買的機票,或合併同一張機票上兩個以上的兩地來回票價,目的在規避最少停留天數之要求。

2) 拋棄回程機票:以單程旅行之目的購買或使用來回票價之機票。

3) 隱藏城市/超點機票:購買或使用出發地早於乘客實際出發地或目的地超過乘客實際目的地的機票。

D) When the fare between any 2 points is not specifically published via the desired routing, the fare will be constructed by combining two or more separate fares, via the desired routing from the passenger’s point of origin to point of destination, which produce the lowest fare for the class of service used; provided, however, that combined fare will not exceed the lowest fare determined in accordance with this rule and the applicable fare rules. 達美航空的直接銷售管道專員會根據旅客所要求的航班、日期以及服務等級提供美國境內達美航空、達美聯營航空、達美快線以及達美航空代碼共享航班的最低可用公開發售票價。 請注意,達美航空將提供您要求之特定機場和行程類型的最低公開發售票價。 我們不會針對其他行程進行搜尋或估算票價,包括合併單程飛行或其他票價。 無法直接由達美航空提供的票價包括,但不限於,非公開發售票價、合併票價、協商票價、旅行團或套裝行程票價以及僅適用於個別網站的折扣。

E) Duplicate, Fictitious and impossible/illogical bookings

Delta prohibits duplicate, impossible, or fictitious bookings, including but not limited to multiple conflicting itineraries for the same passenger on the same day or bookings with connections that depart before the arrival of the inbound flight. Delta reserves the right to cancel any such booking which has not been ticketed, and to cancel and refund any such booking which is ticketed at a refundable fare.

規則17: 行李

A. 託運與手提行李政策和限制
持有機票的旅客得以根據此規定託運或攜帶手提行李搭乘達美航空班機。 Delta’s baggage policies and baggage fees are available at www.delta.com/bags and are incorporated by reference as if set forth in this contract of carriage. These policies restrict the quantity, size and weight of baggage, and govern the carriage of hazardous and dangerous goods, and special items (such as sporting equipment, medical equipment and mobility aids, musical instruments, and fragile and perishable items).

B. 行李責任

1. 一般遺失、損壞或延誤運送行李責任 
Delta’s liability for loss, damage, or delay in the delivery of a passenger's checked baggage, carry-on baggage, or other personal property tendered to Delta in connection with air transportation on Delta shall be limited to proven damage or loss. Actual value for reimbursement of lost or damaged property shall be determined by the documented original purchase price less any applicable depreciation for prior usage. Under no circumstances shall the liability for loss, damage, or delay in the delivery of baggage exceed $3500 per fare-paying passenger. These limitations shall also apply to baggage or personal property if and to the extent accepted by Delta for temporary storage at a city or airport ticket office or elsewhere before or after the passenger's trip.

2. 預先存在的傷害/普通磨損和撕裂
Delta is not liable for preexisting damage (including minor cuts, scratches, and broken zippers as a result of over packing) or for wear and tear resulting from ordinary handling of baggage.

3. 特殊物品

a) Wheelchairs and Personal Assistive Devices
The maximum liability limitations set forth above shall not apply to claims for loss, damage, or delay in the delivery of wheelchairs or other assistive devices. Delta will accept these items as checked baggage regardless of packaging, but will not be responsible for repair or replacement of such items due to damage existing at the time of acceptance (which will be noted by Delta on a release form at the time of acceptance).

b) No Liability for Loss or Damage to Fragile, Perishable, or Precious Items Not Identified to Delta at the Time of Check-In Delta is not liable for any loss or damage to precious items, nor for deterioration or spoilage resulting from delay in delivery of any perishable items, nor for damage to or damage caused by, fragile articles that are unsuitably packed, if such items are included in the passenger's checked baggage without Delta’s knowledge. The passenger must identify such items to Delta at the time of check-in.

c) Fragile or Perishable Items Accepted Pursuant to Limited Liability Release
Delta is not liable for loss, damage, or delay in the delivery of a passenger's baggage or other property accepted by Delta pursuant to the execution of a Limited Liability Release form executed by the passenger for the purpose of inducing Delta to carry the item, except as expressly provided by the Limited Liability Release.

4. 因政府或機場行為造成遺失

5. Time Limitations for Baggage Claims
Delta is not liable for any loss, damage, or delay in the delivery of baggage arising out of or in connection with transportation of, or failure to transport any baggage unless notice of a claim is presented to a Delta office within 24 hours after the alleged occurrence of the events causing the claim, and unless the action is commenced within one year after such alleged occurrence. Any notification received within 24 hours that informs Delta of the nature of the claim will suffice, and Delta may deny any claim not presented within 24 hours of the alleged occurrence. Written notification of loss must be received by Delta's system baggage within 21 Days after the alleged occurrence, and Delta may deny any claim for failure to provide written notice within 21 Days.

6. Carriage By Multiple Carriers
When the transportation includes Delta and one or more Carriers with a limitation of liability exceeding $3500 for each fare-paying passenger and responsibility for loss, damage, or delay in delivery of baggage cannot be determined, the liability limit of $3500 for each fare-paying passenger will be applied to all Carriers. Whenever responsibility for loss, damage, or delay in delivery of baggage cannot be determined and when transportation is via Delta and one or more Carriers which exclude certain items in checked baggage from their liability, Delta will not be liable for the excluded items. C. Governing Rules for Domestic Codeshare Flights When the passenger’s travel involves domestic flights operated by a Delta domestic codeshare partner other than a Delta Connection carrier, the baggage rules of the marketing carrier on the first Segment of a round trip, or the marketing carrier on the first Segment of each one way trip will govern when determining baggage acceptance policies and applicable baggage fees. Notwithstanding the foregoing, the baggage liability provisions set forth above shall govern the liability of Delta and/or any Delta Connection carrier with respect to any transportation subject to this contract of carriage.




A. 達美航空在時刻表變更、延誤與航班取消時的責任

If there is a flight cancellation, diversion, delay of greater than 90 minutes, or that will cause a passenger to miss connections, Delta will (at passenger’s request) cancel the remaining ticket and refund the unused portion of the ticket and unused ancillary fees in the original form of payment in accordance with Rule 22, Go to footer note. 若旅客沒有提出取消或針對剩餘機票進行退款的要求,則達美航空將會以下一班有旅客原本購買之服務等級空位的航班,載運旅客前往目的地。 在旅客同意的情況下,達美航空得自行斟酌安排旅客搭乘其他承載者的航班或以地面交通前往目的地。 在旅客同意的情況下,達美航空得以提供較低服務等級的交通,而於此情況下,旅客可能有資格獲得部分退款。 若下一班航班僅有比旅客所購買之服務等級高的空位,達美航空將會讓旅客轉搭該航班,然而,達美航空有權根據其升等順序政策為該航班上的其他旅客進行升等,以釋放符合旅客原本購買之服務等級的空位。 達美航空恕不針對由於上述原因而造成的任何特殊、意外或後果性傷害負任何責任。

B. 達美航空在時刻表變更、延誤與航班取消時對設施須負的額外責任

除了上述情況外,達美航空恕不針對任何因不可抗力之因素造成的航班取消、變更或延誤負任何責任。 於本規則中之「不可抗力」是指實際受到威脅或通報之情況:

(1) 天氣狀況或天災;
(2) 暴動、內亂、禁運、戰爭、敵對行動或動蕩不安的國際局勢;
(3) 罷工、停工、怠工、封閉工廠或任何勞工相關爭議;
(4) 政府規定、命令、指示或要求;
(5) 欠缺勞工、能源或設施;或
(6) 任何達美航空無法控制之因素,或任何達美航空無法預期之原因。


(a) 飯店

If overnight accommodations are available at Delta contracted facilities, Delta will provide the passenger with a voucher for one night’s lodging when the delay is during the period of 10:00 pm to 6:00 am. 若飯店不提供相關交通服務,則達美航空將會提供免費地面交通前往飯店。 如果無法提供住宿,達美航空將提供乘客一張兌換券,其價值相當於簽約酒店的協議費率(最高$100 USD),於日後預訂達美航空行程時使用。

(b) 地面交通服務

In lieu of lodging or other amenities, Delta will furnish ground transportation to the destination airport if a passenger’s flight is diverted to an alternative airport and if the destination on the ticket and the diverted airport destination are within the following city groups:

德州達拉斯- 德州沃斯堡機場(DFW)/德州達拉斯愛田機場(DAL)
Bush Intercontinental – Houston, TX (IAH)/ Hobby – Houston, TX (HOU) Fort Lauderdale, FL (FLL)/ Miami, FL (MIA)/ West Palm Beach, FL (PBI) Baltimore, MD (BWI)/ National – Washington, DC (DCA)/ Dulles – Washington, DC (IAD)

(c) 其他的便利設施

在有必要維護有特殊需求旅客(例如:單獨旅行之孩童與身心障礙旅客)的安全和/或福址時,達美航空將提供更多或替代的便利設施。 這些便利設施將會根據特殊需求和/或狀況設置。

C. Extended Tarmac Delays – Codeshare Services

In the event of extended tarmac delays on flights operated by a Delta codeshare partner, the contingency plan for lengthy tarmac delays of the operating Carrier will apply.


A) Overbooking of Flights
有訂位確認的旅客並不一定都會登機,因此達美航空保留出售超過航機空位之機票的權利。 在部分情況下,這可能會造成「機位超賣」,在此情況下,達美航空無法搭載一位或多位已確認預訂(「超賣航班」)的乘客。 如本規則所述,達美航空可能拒絕訂位確認的旅客搭乘超賣班機。 遭拒絕登機的旅客權益應受此規則約束。

B) Request For Volunteers
在拒絕任何訂位確認之旅客搭乘超賣班機之前,達美航空會詢問其他搭乘此班機的旅客自願放棄其機位,以換取由達美航空決定金額與形式的補償。 若有足夠數量的旅客接受達美航空提供之補償並自願放棄機位,則不會有任何訂位確認的旅客需要非自願拒絕搭乘超賣航班。 若自願人數多過需要的人數,則達美航空得以自行決定哪些自願者可以獲得補償。

C) Involuntary Denied Boarding

1) Passengers Holding Tickets for Travel in Premium Cabin, SkyMiles members identified with a Diamond Medallion (“DM”), Platinum Medallion (“PM”), or Gold Medallion (“GM”) elite-status designation, and passengers holding tickets purchased under a DL corporate travel agreement.


2) Passengers With Boarding Passes

Subject to the terms set forth in Rule 20(c)(1) and (4), passengers holding boarding passes who check in and present themselves at the departure gate in compliance with Rule 13, Go to footer note will be accommodated before passengers traveling in the same cabin who have not been issued boarding passes or who fail to comply with applicable check-in requirements. 根據班機空位情況,持有訂位確認機票的旅客可以透過下列方式取得登機證:

a) 於預定出發時間的24小時內在Delta.com網站完成網路報到,並取得電子機票的乘客

b) 持有電子機票的旅客,可以於表定起飛時間前4小時透過達美航空機場自助櫃台取得

c) 位在出境區的達美航空機場開票櫃檯和/或報到櫃檯領取。

3) Passengers Without Boarding Passes


a) 由於原本預訂的航班無法照常營運(例如:延誤,取消)而重新預訂至目前航班的旅客。
b) 具有尊爵銀卡(「FO」)菁英會籍身分的「飛凡哩程常客計劃」會員。
c) 具有天合聯盟菁英會員或超級菁英會員身分的旅客。
d) 沒有菁英會籍身分的旅客。 在每個組別的旅客,將首先根據服務等級,然後根據報到時間進行排序。

4) Special Needs Passengers


D) Transportation For Passengers Denied Boarding


1) Next Available Flight


2) Transportation on Other Airlines


3) Overnight Stay Required

若此交通安排將導致旅客必須滯留過夜,則達美航空將免費為旅客安排飯店住宿。 如果無法提供酒店住宿,達美航空將提供乘客一張旅遊優惠券作為補償,該優惠券面值與當地簽約酒店的平均協議費率相等(由達美航空判定,最高$100 USD),於日後預訂達美航空行程使用。

E) Compensation For Involuntary Denied Boarding

1) Conditions For Payment of Involuntary Denied Boarding Compensation

a) Passenger’s Failure to Comply with Contract of Carriage 
The passenger has not complied fully with Delta’s contract of carriage or tariff provisions regarding ticketing, reconfirmation, check-in, or acceptability for transportation

b) Substitution of Equipment

c) Carriage in Alternative Cabin

d) Alternative Transportation
Delta arranges comparable air transportation, or other transportation used by the passenger, at no extra cost to the passenger, that at the time such arrangements are made is scheduled to arrive at the passenger’s next Stopover, or, if none, final destination within one hour after the planned arrival time of the passenger’s original flight or flights.

F) Amount of Involuntary Denied Boarding Compensation

1) When Delta arranges Qualifying Alternative Transportation

2) Where Delta cannot arrange Qualifying Alternative Transportation

G) Time of Payment for Involuntary Denied Boarding Compensation


A General Provisions

1. 適用於重新安排行程或變更目的地的票價

a. Unless otherwise specified in the fare rule, a passenger may change the routing, destination, Carrier(s), class of service, or dates of travel specified on an unused ticket in accordance with paragraph 2) below, provided that, after transportation has commenced, a oneway ticket will not be converted into any other type of ticket (such as a round-trip, circle-trip or open-jaw trip ticket).

b. Except as otherwise provided in Rule 19, Go to footer note, the fares and charges applicable, when a rerouting or change in ultimate destination is made at passenger's request prior to arrival at the ultimate destination named on the original ticket, shall be the applicable fare and charges for the entire revised itinerary in effect on the date that the rerouting or change in ultimate destination is entered on the passenger's new ticket.

c. 規則12(E)適用於自願交換/重新開票的有效期。

2. 適用於旅行升等服務等級的票價

1. 在該航班行程,從旅客出發地至旅客變更服務等級前,最後預訂的中停地點的服務等級單程票價,加上從中停地點至目的地的新服務等級單程票價,以及

2. 在該航班行程,從旅客出發地至目的地的交通費用。

若上述1)的金額低於上述2)的金額,則無需支付其他費用。 視情況決定是否接受旅客,於下一個中停地點過後能變更服務等級。 不提供任何折扣。

B. 重新開票程序

- 除非票價規則另有規定,下列程序將適用於達美航空機票重新開票。

- If the value of the new ticket is lower than the ticket being reissued, the difference in ticket price, less the change fee, will be provided to the passenger in the form of a nonrefundable Delta travel voucher at the time of reissue.
- 若新機票的價值等於或高於重新開票的機票,則變更費用與任何價差將在重新開票時收取。

 - If the value of the new ticket is lower than the ticket being reissued, any difference In fare will be refunded to the original form of payment at the time of reissue.
 - If the value of the new ticket is higher than the ticket being reissued, the difference in fare will be collected at the time of reissue.

- 必須在變更時預定航班並重新開票。

1. 未使用的機票
a. 當變更未使用機票的去程時,達美航空將會取消行程然後以現行票價開立新機票,新機票受所有票價規定的約束。 若未使用機票為不可退費,則原機票價值減去變更手續費,將套用至購買新機票。 若未使用票價為可退費,則原始機票價值可以套用至購買新機票。
b. 變更持續旅行/回程機票未使用的行程時,達美航空將依照下列程序來取得最低票價:
i. 將票價維持「已開票」狀態,並使用自原始機票開票日期起有效的票價,維持原始票價以及所有航段出發地/目的地。 達美航空將會在重新開票時,確認所有票價規則。
ii. Reprice the itinerary using historical fares in effect on the date of the original  ticket issue date, validating all fare rules and booking code provisions at the  time of reissue with no changes to the first fare component.
 iii. Cancel the itinerary and start over, issuing a new ticket using current fares with  all fare rules validated. If the unused fare is nonrefundable, the value of the original ticket less the change fee may be applied toward the purchase of a  new ticket. For refundable fares, the value of the original ticket may be applied  toward the purchase of a new ticket.
2. 已部分使用的機票
a. 若針對部分使用的機票進行變更,達美航空將依照下列程序來取得最低票價:
i. Attempt to keep the fares as ticketed using historical fares in effect on the date of the original ticket issue date and maintaining the original fares andorigin/destination for all fare components. 已完全使用的票價組成部分不允許變更,且達美航空將在重新開票時確認所有票價規則。
ii. 使用原機票開票日期生效的過往票來重新定價行程,須確認所有票價規則與重新開票時的預定代碼規則,且已完全使用的票價組成部分不變更。 新機票可能比先前機票價值更低、相同或更高。
iii. Reprice the itinerary, replacing the fares of the flown fare components with historical fares in an equal or the next available higher booking class and replacing the unflown fare components using historical fares. 已完全使用的票價航段且過去票價於原始機票發行日期生效的票價不允許變更。 達美航空將會在重新開票時,確認所有票價規則。 新機票可能比先前機票價值更低、相同或更高。 承載者將依據下列訂位艙等階級(由最高至最低顯示)替換已使用票價航段:

First Class/Delta One – F P A G J C D I Z
「達美優悅經濟艙」- W
經濟艙 - Y B M H Q K L U T X V
基本經濟艙 - E


iv. 使用現行票價開立新機票,並確認重新開票時的所有票價規則。 若原始票價為不可退費,承載者會套用部分使用機票的尚未飛行航段的剩餘價值(若有),減去變更費用並用於購買新機票。 針對可退款票價,達美航空將套用部分使用機票的剩餘價值(若有),並用於購買新機票。

C. Same Day Confirmed
Unless otherwise specified in the fare rules, a passenger holding a nonrefundable ticket may change to another flight to the same destination operated by Delta or a Delta Connection carrier on the same day, subject to the policies set forth at https://www.delta.com/content/www/en_US/traveling-with-us/ticket-changes-refunds/samedaytravel-changes.html and incorporated herein.


A. 非自願退款


1) 若機票完全沒有使用,則退款費用就是當初的購票金額。

2) 如果已使用部分機票才發生終止(中止)事件:

a) At A Fare Breakpoint - The refund will be an amount equal to the fare paid for the unused transportation from the point of termination (interruption) to the destination or next Stopover point named on the ticket, or to a point at which transportation is to be resumed. 若達美航空提供替代交通且旅客接受該安排,則不會進行退款。

b) Within A Fare Component - The refund will be an amount equal to the percentage of unflown mileage to fare component total mileage by prorating the fare paid for the fare component, from the point of termination/interruption to the destination, or next Stopover point named on the ticket, or to the point at which transportation is to be resumed. 若達美航空提供替代交通且旅客接受該安排,則不會進行退款。

B. 自願退款

1. 不可辦理退費的機票

大部分由達美航空發行的機票為不得退款機票。 Delta will not refund any portion of a fare that is nonrefundable, and Delta will not refund any taxes, fees or charges collected upon nonrefundable tickets. 達美航空得以根據相關票價規定允許將未使用之不得退款機票的部分已付票價用於未來的達美航空行程購買,或用於在購買該機票後的升等或降等。 達美航空得以針對任何不可退款機票之獲得許可的變更處理收取服務費用,該費用可從任何適用於未來達美航空行程消費的抵用金中扣除,或於處理變更時收取,視情況而定。


2. 可全額退款機票

若購買可全額退款之機票,達美航空將會依照要求,將任何尚未使用的票價退還給您。 必須於提出退款時放棄任何尚未使用之機票航段。 除非達美航空收到退款要求,否則不會退還任何款項,且任何未使用的優惠券必須於原始機票發行日期的一年內歸還給達美航空。 退款金額計算方式如下:

1. If no portion of the ticket has been used, Delta will refund the total fare and all taxes, fees or charges paid.

2. If a portion of the ticket has been used, Delta will refund an amount equal to (a) the total fare and all taxes, fees or charges paid, minus (b) the fare and taxes, fees or charges for the used portion of the ticket.

C. 退款要求期限


D. 退款表格


1. 以信用卡付款的機票退費,將會退還至購票時使用的信用卡,退費一般會在達美航空收到退費要求後的七個工作天內完成。

2. 以現金付款且達美航空已接受現金的機票退費,將會於達美航空收到退費要求後的20個工作天內,以支票退費給機票上署名之乘客。

3. Tickets charged under a universal air travel plan will be refunded to the subscriber against whose account the ticket was charged.

4. 根據政府運輸要求發行的機票,將會根據相關政府規則進行退款。

5. 使用任何其他付款方式購買的機票,將以原始付款方式進行退款。

D. Overcharges

No claims for overcharge shall be valid and DL shall have no liability if claim is more than forty five (45) days after the date of issue of the ticket.


Except as otherwise provided, all fares and charges between points in the United States are stated in dollars and cents of the lawful currency of the United States. 除非於本承載合約中另有規定,即使有任何爭議、扣款或付款方式遭拒,旅客應支付機票全額與費用。 達美航空保留於隨時收取該金額的權利,包括於旅行完成之後。


任何由於此承載合約而產生或與其相關之所有事宜和/或該合約之訂定必須在不違反聯邦法律、喬治亞州法律的前提下受美國法律約束,無論該事宜是基於何種法規而發生。 此承載合約(包含機票與票價規則)代表雙方針對承載者運輸的完整協議,並可取代先前之所有口頭或書面陳述、理解或協議。 在法律或衡平法中,不得暗示任何其他契約,保證,承諾或理解。

達美航空針對由達美航空執行的運輸或其他服務引起或與之相關的任何懲罰性、後果性或特殊損害不承擔責任,無論達美航空是否知道可能發生此類損害。 達美航空針對因旅客無法遵守相關法律、政府規定、命令、規則、要求或安全指令,或由於旅客仰賴達美航空提供相關法律、規定、命令、規則、要求或安全指令所造成之任何損壞不承擔責任。